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Atlanta Black Mold Testing - Atlanta Mold Inspections - Atlanta Mildew Testing

Remediation Protocol Included                    Certified Contractors Provided


The company who will profit from the mold remediation SHOULD NOT perform the evaluation!

Best Mold and Mildew Inspection Value in Atlanta


Calling Your Insurer Before You Know the Scope of Your Problem May Hurt You!

If you live in Atlanta and you have experienced water damage or flood damage, you should have us evaluate the scope of your problem before contacting your insurer, if:

  • You've noticed a water stain on a ceiling or a basement wall.

  • You've come home from vacation and find that a pipe has burst.

  • You smell musty odors in rooms.

  • You've had a sewage backup or flood in the basement or crawlspace.

  • You are experiencing mold allergy symptoms.

  • You're feeling unusually fatigued.

  • Your or your children have developed asthma-like symptoms.

  • You've bought a home in Atlanta and now you or other family members are experiencing allergy & asthma type symptoms.

  • You have heard about black mold or toxic mold and are concerned about your family's health.

  • You are seeing mildew on walls, ceilings or possessions

Mold, Mildew & Bacteria Testing

Accidents do happen but if water is allowed to affect your home, there's a good chance mold and/or mildew has begun to grow on materials or in walls.

Poor construction practices can allow water to affect your home over a long period of time.

Improperly sized or installed HVAC systems can adversely affect your indoor air quality. Heat pumps can experience a condition known as dirty sock syndrome which can adversely affect your air quality and your health.

Black Mold and other toxic molds can grow on wet surfaces in areas where you may not frequent very often. This can allow mycotoxins to affect the air that you and your family are breathing.

If you are buying a resale or foreclosure in Atlanta, a problem that occurred in the past but was not properly dealt with can leave the home contaminated without anyone realizing it.

Get the proper instructions for mold removal to ensure that your property and health are protected.

Post-Remediation Testing

If you have already had a mold or bacteria remediation performed, you should have a post-remediation test performed to ensure that the remediation has been successful before paying the contractor.

Have the testing done by one of our objective, certified Atlanta Mold Inspectors to ensure that the mold removal has been performed properly.

There are many contractors and carpet cleaning companies who are doing mold remediation as a way to supplement their income in these tough times. Be sure that your remediation has been properly performed!If the remediation was part of an insurance claim, the insurer will likely want a "clearance test" before paying the claim.

What should you do?

If you are experiencing any of the items above, you should have an objective assessment of your home done by one of our independent, certified Atlanta Mold Inspectors. Our Atlanta Mold Inspectors are certified in multiple disciplines which allows them to thoroughly analyze your home for problems and causes. This also allows for a remediation protocol that ensures that the condition as well as the source are corrected.

Never allow a contractor or mold remediation company to perform the assessment as they may not be qualified to troubleshoot the problem or be able to determine the cause of the condition. More importantly, it creates an opportunity for conflict of interest for a company to do the assessment AND profit from the repair.

Why All-American Home Services?

Allergists, ENTs and Pediatricians refer their patients to us when they think mold, mildew or other contaminants may be a contributor to their patient's condition.

Our team of certified Atlanta Mold Inspectors allows us to not only assess whether you are suffering from a mold or bacteria problem but also determine the source of the moisture to prevent it from re-occurring.


What Happens Next?

We will conduct a short interview with you about the history of the home, perform a thorough evaluation of all water areas of the home, interior and exterior, and perform testing of appropriate types in the home based on conditions disclosed or observed.

The samples are sent to an AIHA certified lab who will provide details about the contaminants present and whether they are in an elevated state.

What Do You Receive?

Once the lab results are received, We will provide a detailed report with pictures of deficiencies observed, suggested ways to correct the moisture sources, the lab reports which will identify the contaminants found, and the remediation protocol which details what is to be done, where to do it and how to do it. This is to ensure that the problem is properly corrected.

We will provide the names of certified remediation companies who we have no affiliation with but have provided quality work for our clients in the past.

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Our Qualifications:

  • Professional Member—International Code Council
  • ICC Certified Residential Combination Inspector
  • CABO Certified One & two Family Dwelling Inspector
  • Certified Indoor Environmentalist
  • Certified Residential Mold Inspector
  • Certified Allergen Inspector
  • Certified Third Party EIFS Inspector & Moisture Analyst
  • Certified Level I Thermographer
  • Certified Master Inspector
  • Home Foreclosure expert
  • NEHA - NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Provider
  • Continuous Radon Monitoring technology used
  • State of Georgia approved CE provider and instructor

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