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Mold Testing | Mold Inspection | Mold Removal | Atlanta | Roswell | Marietta | Sandy Springs | Dunwoody

It is not uncommon for homes or businesses to be affected by water from plumbing leaks, water heater failures, roof leaks, or flooding from groundwater entry.

We get many calls from folks that have purchased bank owner properties only to feel sick after moving in. We find that these properties sit vacant for long periods of time with no heat or air-conditioning and in may cases are affected by groundwater without anyone knowing it has happened. As part of your pre-purchase inspections you should have the property assessed for mold to be sure that if a problem exists, you can have it corrected before you own the home not after it becomes your problem. At All-American Home Services, Inc, our team of certified mold inspectors can perform your home inspection, stucco inspection,or radon testing as well as the mold inspection to provide the most comprehensive evaluation of the home at the best price. We service Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody Georgia. In some cases, you may know what the water event is that is contributing to the condition. When you don’t know where the moisture is coming from, we will go in all areas of the building, under it, outside and over it to determine the moisture source.

HVAC systems can be a source of fungal growth but more frequently can be the mechanism by which mold is moved from the source area to other parts of the building. We always examine and test the HVAC systems to determine their role in the problem.

If you are the current owner of the property, we will conduct an interview with you to understand what has happened in the past. This helps us to determine the best plan of attack to determine what is causing the problem, what the scope of the problem is and, most importantly, what is the correct way to resolve it. As part of our assessment, we will document the conditions found with pictures, perform mold testing by taking appropriate samples for the condition (swab or air) and send the samples to a certified lab for analysis.

We do not perform any repairs or remediations to prevent conflicts of interest. You should never hire the company that will profit from the repair to do your assessment. We provide remediation protocols to ensure that any corrections are performed using currently accepted techniques and materials. We will provide the names of mold removal or mold remediation companies that we trust to ensure that you are treated properly and the repairs are done correctly.

If groundwater entry is your issue, you also have to be concerned about bacteria exposure. Groundwater entry can bring fecal matter into the building and present its own set of problems.

If you need help, call us. We can perform any or all of the following services in one visit to assure you of the high quality, personal service that you want while keeping the costs down.

Contact us at 770-978-4610 to arrange for a certified home inspector to protect your interests.

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Mold Inspection Gallery 

  • Mold Inspections in Roswell, Marietta, Sandy Springs & Dunwoody GA
  • Mold Inspections in Roswell, Marietta, Sandy Springs & Dunwoody GA
  • Mold Inspections in Roswell, Marietta, Sandy Springs & Dunwoody GA
  • Mold Inspections in Roswell, Marietta, Sandy Springs & Dunwoody GA

Our Qualifications:

  • Professional Member—International Code Council
  • ICC Certified Residential Combination Inspector
  • CABO Certified One & two Family Dwelling Inspector
  • Certified Indoor Environmentalist
  • Certified Residential Mold Inspector
  • Certified Allergen Inspector
  • Certified Third Party EIFS Inspector & Moisture Analyst
  • Certified Level I Thermographer
  • Certified Master Inspector
  • Home Foreclosure expert
  • NEHA - NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Provider
  • Continuous Radon Monitoring technology used
  • State of Georgia approved CE provider and instructor

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